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News 2003-06: June


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2003-06: June
NewsForge The Caribbean learns about Free and Open Software - Part One (of Two)
Robin "Roblimo" Miller reports that "The inaugural Caribbean "Free, Libré and Open Source" (FLOS) Software Conference - IT WORKS!" conference was held here June 26 and 27. It was an impressive first effort. Several local Free Software advocates felt the conference, which was held behind tight security in the Trinidad and Tobago Central Bank building, was too oriented toward officialdom. But was this bad? Officialdom was certainly there in force -- and was listening with open ears to the Free and Open Source message. ".
c|net Software patent vote delayed
Matthew Broersma reports on what is surely one of the more important issues affecting open-source development in the world: the vote on software patents in Europe. Worth reading.
The Inquirer Engaging with the Open Source Community (Part Two)
Contributing writers Robert Munro, James Negrette with Andrew Aitken continue their analysis of open-source engagement. The series is useful and interesting; recommended.
The Inquirer Engaging with the Open Source Community (Part One)
Contributing writers Robert Munro, James Negrette with Andrew Aitken embark on an ambitious, two-part examination of the mechanics of contributing to open-source projects. Recommended.
MacCentral OpenOffice for OS X (X11) goes Gold
Peter Cohen reports on the Golden Master release of 1.0.3 for Mac OS X (X11). The application can be downloaded from the Mac Port site.
NewsFactor Apple's Real Worry Isn't the Loss of IE
Alex Salkever writes about the possible loss to the Mac community should Microsoft cease making its Office. of course is a more than adequate replacement to Microsoft Office.
E-Commerce Times Here's to the Next Battle of the Office Suites
In an opinion piece, Tiernan Ray writes on the next battle: for productivity software, of which is the leading open-source contender. But should Microsoft withdraw support for its Office, will Apple support Linus Torvalds, on leave from Transmeta, joins OSDL as "fellow"
In a move that has very interesting implications, Linus Torvalds, the key designer of GNU/Linux, has taken a leave from Transmeta to be a fellow at Open Source Development Lab (OSDL).
NewsForge EGOVOS endorses South Africa's Open Source strategy
Tony Stanco, of The Center of Open Source & Government, "endorses the South African Proposed Strategy for Using Open Source Software in the South African Government by providing rationally defensible policy guidelines. The South African Strategy is a reasonable road map for a viable Open Source Government Policy." Worth reading.
The Register Linux in Europe
IT Analysis has a very useful and informative account of the state of Linux in Europe. Worth reading: Linux, and, are making significant gains.
The Register Massive growth in Linux is 'historic inevitability'
John Leyden reports on how analysts at "IDC Research are predicting massive growth in the Linux server market - and a wider use of the open source operating system on desktops - over the next four years."
TECHWR-L Magazine Opening Up to Finding an Alternative to Microsoft Word
Bruce Byfield glowingly reviews The review is noteworthy both for its thoroughness and acuteness. Worth reading.
Seattle Times Ballmer cites Linux, other threats
Brier Dudley analyzes Ballmer's latest memo, what it says about Ballmer and Microsoft, and discusses the reactions of some Open Source efforts. Worth reading.
c|net Ballmer: Where Microsoft is going
Charles Cooper and Mike Riciutti analyze Microsoft's Steve Ballmer's recent memo on to all Microsoft employees in which he attacks Open Source, Linux, and as business targets. They also provide an interesting interview with Ballmer. Worth reading.

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