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News 2003-04: April


The following articles represent a selection of those pertaining to, Open Source, or the general IT industry that may be of interest to the community. If you would like to share an article with the community, please send the link to Louis Suárez-Potts, editor, at

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2003-04: April
NewsForge Why do programmers write open source software?
Robin Miller of NewsForge provides an timely analysis of some of the motivations prompting open-source programmers to contribute to projects, including Worth a read. At Microsoft's Mercy
Kendall Grant Clark, columnist, writes on the problematic nature of Microsoft's employment of XML in the upcoming MS Office and suggests that for those wanting "real XML interchange [...] they must either pony up for the more expensive versions of Office or, perhaps, explore alternatives like OpenOffice." XML Work Poses One Of Few Viable Threats To MS Desktop Dominance
Antone Gonsalves writes, "Microsoft's dominance on the desktop seems impenetrable, but efforts to standardize office document formats could one day pose a threat to one of the software giant's core revenue generators."
c|net Microsoft to delay Office debut
Joe Wilcox reports that "Microsoft is preparing a new test version of its upcoming Office 2003 desktop software, which will delay the final release of the product until later this year."
ZDNet Microsoft Word: How you can live without it
David Coursey, Executive Editor of ZDNet's AnchorDesk, reviews 1.1beta--and likes it. In fact, "Right now, I've got beta versions of Microsoft Office 2003, 1.1, and Corel's WordPerfect Office 11 loaded on my system. My summary judgment: There are things to like and dislike about the word processors in each of these suites, but they really vary only by small degrees."
c|net Microsoft limits XML in Office 2003
Joe Wilcox reports that, "A distinction that Microsoft is making between professional and standard versions of Office 2003 means that many customers may not get all the features they've been expecting, including broad support for Web services."
c|net Featured Video: Take an early tour of[1.1beta]
Patrick Houston, columnist for ZDNet, interviews Community Manager Louis Su‡rez-Potts on and 1.1beta.
InfoWorld Ellison: Linux will wipe Microsoft out of data center
Stacy Cowley writes that, "At a gathering here Tuesday of current and potential Oracle ISV (independent software vendor) partners, Oracle Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Larry Ellison extolled the virtues of Linux and predicted that the open-source operating system will soon decimate Microsoft in the battle for the data center market."

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