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News 2003-03: March


The following articles represent a selection of those pertaining to, Open Source, or the general IT industry that may be of interest to the community. If you would like to share an article with the community, please send the link to Louis Suárez-Potts, editor, at

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2003-03: March
c|net OpenOffice ready for world tour
David Becker reports on the newly released 1.1beta.
NewsForge Open Source in Government Conference Wrapup
Robin "Roblimo" Miller wraps up his reportage on the international EGovOS conference in Washington, D.C., at which presented a popular paper.
SearchEnterpriseLinux, StarOffice gaining momentum, expert say
In an interview with Jan Stafford, Solveig Haugland, who has written the 1.0 Resource Kit, StarOffice 5.2 Companion, and StarOffice 6.0 Office Suite Companion, discusses and its future. Worth reading.
Internetnews Will Office 2003 Lead to Lock-in?
Thor Olavsrud analyzes Microsoft Office's XML implementation.'s Gary Edwards, the Project's representative to the OASIS Open Office XML Format Technical Committee, insightfully discusses the implications and shortcomings of Microsoft's strategy.
The Register Oregon considers Open Source software legislation
Robin Miller,, reports on Oregon's move to require state government to consider Open Source software (not necessarily use it).
eWeek Sun Set to Release StarOffice Beta
Peter Galli reports on the new beta of StarOffice 6.1; also discusses the upcoming beta of 1.1. Worth reading.
eWeek Take on the Challenge to Invest Technology
Eric Lundquist introduces a series of interesting articles on Sun's strategies for the future. Good mention of
The Register Open Source puts down roots in Finland
Bruce Tober writes on Finland's embrace of Open Source technologies, including SOT Office, which is based on

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