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2000 The Case For Open Source
December 4, 2000
Bill Portelli, CEO of CollabNet, Inc., gives a compelling account of why Sun Microsystems and a growing number of other companies have found the most profitable way to develop software is to give it away.
BusinessNow CollabNet on TV!
November 26, 2000
BusinessNow presents an illuminating look at CollabNet's work in creating the new model of software development. A must see for those curious about what goes on at a major open-source consulting office.
Linux Community Gewinner des Linux New Media Award 2000
November 10, 2000
Am 9. November 2000 fand auf dem LinuxPark in München die Verleihung des ersten Linux New Media Awards statt. Vor einem illustren Publikum wurden acht Preise in den Kategorien Beste Web-Software, Innovativste Desktop-Software, Praktischstes Kommandozeilen-Werkzeug, Beste Linux-Distribution, Innovativste Open Source Software einer Firma, Bester vorkonfigurierter Linux-Rechner, Coolstes Embedded Linux System und Bestes Buch zum Thema Linux oder Open Source vergeben.
Sun Microsystems, Inc. The Sun Press Release on Making the Code Available
October 16, 2000
Forty-five minutes after the code was released, the deluge of download requests was so great that the servers were brought down, if only temporarily. As analysts and officials have suggested, this demand for the StarOffice source code demonstrates the enthusiasm open-source developers have for OpenOffice and the potential of the project to succeed.
ZDNet News Sun Puts StarOffice into Open Source
October 13, 2000
Sun Microsystems Inc. is billing it as the biggest project in open source history. As of today, developers interested in viewing, tinkering with, and/or licensing the StarOffice desktop office suite or its component parts are free to download the code. "This will be programming in the large made public for the first time," said Bill Roth, Sun group product manager. "This is nine times the size of Mozilla."
Linux Today StarOffice Code Released in Largest Open Source Project
October 13, 2000
Sun Microsystems is taking huge steps into the world of open source software today, and at the same time is taking great pains not to make those steps awkward ones. Sun's joint effort with CollabNet kicked into high gear on the OpenOffice Web site at 5 a.m. PST this morning with the release of much of the source code for the upcoming 6.0 version of StarOffice. According to Sun, this release of 9 million lines of code under GPL is the beginning of the largest open source software project ever.
NewsForge Here and now with the sober-minded Sander Vesik
November 14, 2000
Julie Bresnick interviews's Dublin-based release engineer about his background, thoughts, and work.
Wired Sun Opens StarOffice Code
Wired, October 13
Sun Microsystems has turned its office-productivity software loose on the open-source community, hoping that programmers will do for it what they have done for Linux and Netscape 6. And if the stampede to download the source code for its StarOffice 6.0 application suite is any indication, that may very well happen.
DevX StarOffice Chief Offers Insights on Going Open Source
August 25, 2000
DevX Senior Editor Stefan Grünwedel speaks with StarDivision's founder Marco Boerries on, Open Source, and more.
Sun Microsystems, Inc. GNOME Foundation Adopts Productivity Software As The Core of The GNOME Office Suite
August 15, 2000
GNOME Office will equip users with a wide array of compatible and intuitive productivity features, such as integrated mail, calendar, and address management; network configuration and management; a network-based file management system; internationalization; an object-oriented application framework; CORBA support for distributed software; layout and rendering of internationalized text; and much, much more.
Linux Planet A Hands-On Review of the Open Source OpenOffice: Building from the Source
July 24, 2000
The big news today may be the unveiling of the OpenOffice web site, but lost in the shuffle has been any reporting on exactly what Sun and CollabNet are offering on . . . As you might expect, Sun did more than just release an Open Source product: it also cleaned up the code and made some significant changes to the software.
Computerworld Open-source Community Welcomes StarOffice Release Under GPL
July 20, 2000
The announcement [of the release of the source code] received much attention at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention in Monterey, Calif., yesterday, with many open-source luminaries applauding the move. Sun is positioning StarOffice as a replacement for Microsoft Office 2000. [StarOffice] runs on Windows, Linux, OS/2 and Solaris. StarOffice joins other open-source suites, including Gnome Office.
eWeek Open-Source StarOffice Earns Early Praise
July 20, 2000
Sun Microsystems Inc.'s decision Wednesday to release the source code of its StarOffice productivity application suite to the open-source development community under the GNU General Public License is reaping early praise.
LinuxToday Smart Partner: Sun To Open StarOffice Code In October
July 19, 2000
Sun also is creating an independent Foundation modeled on the Apache Foundation. Sun is funding the foundation to get it started but will hold a minority position and plans to name other partners soon. "Getting agreement inside Sun was an endeavor, but what I wanted to achieve was creating an open alternative to Microsoft Office, and that is bigger than GPLing the source code," Boerries said. "In my discussions with customers and communities and governments it became clear that for this project GPL was the right license, and it proves that Sun is an innovative and fast-moving company in doing the right thing.
UpsideToday Sun spells out new license: G-P-L
July 19, 2000
As Marco Boerries, VP of Sun Microsystems enunciated at the O'Reilly Open Source Conference : "Let me just say three letters: G-P-L," said Boerries, triggering a loud ovation. (For those not in the know, Boerries was speaking of the GNU General Public License -- the license that protects the Gnu/Linux operating system.)
The Register Boerries confirms StarOffice to go GPL, Mac version
July 19, 2000
StarOffice creator Marco Boerries has confirmed that Sun intends to GPL the productivity suite. Sun made the official announcement today, but leaking to reporters earlier, Boerries said that source code for the next version of StarOffice, 6.0, will be available for download from 13th October.
Sun Microsystems, Inc. The Sun Press Release on
July 19, 2000
Today at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention in Monterey, California, Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced it will release the source code of its StarOffice (TM) Suite, a leading, high quality, office productivity application software suite, to the open source community under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Sun also announced will be formed and managed by Collab.Net and will serve as the coordination point for the source code, the definition of XML-based file formats, and the definition of language-independent office application programming interfaces (APIs.)
CollabNet, Inc. The CollabNet Press Release on
July 19, 2000
Collab.Net, Inc., a leading provider of collaborative software development services, based on open source principles - today announced that Sun Microsystems has selected the Collab.Net SourcecastSM environment as the infrastructure for, the open source community site for its StarOffice product. Collab.Net is providing a global development platform and support for and consulting with Sun to establish as a key open source virtual community. Sun Looks To Boost StarOffice Suite by Opening Its Code
July 18, 2000
Sun Microsystems Inc. will announce today that it plans to make the underlying code of its StarOffice suite, a set of office applications that compete directly with Microsoft Corp.'s popular Office suite, available for free to software developers. Sun Opens StarOffice Source Code
July 17, 2000
PALO ALTO, CALIF. (Reuters) - Sun Microsystems Inc., the owner of the free StarOffice suite of programs that competes with Microsoft Corp.'s Office programs, plans to make the source for StarOffice public, in an effort to give the fledgling program a boost with software developers.

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