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Abstract of Third party meetings

Extensions project meeting

Laurent Godard - Nuxeo - Indesko division

The Extensions project has been proposed last year at Koper and been setup some month later. Valuable work occured and the wiki is up and starts to be filled.

The proposed meeting will cover the following points, involving all participants

  • State of the project

  • Started work : what is currently developped (especially in Hamburg) ?

    When will it be ready ? Do we have to wait or should we propose an intermediate solution ...

  • Express and formalize the needs : Help mechanism, new UNO controls (treeview), deployement of addons at installation time ...

  • Translations : pages of the wiki are in english. Is the translation mechanism proposed sufficient ?

  • Pending projects : prebuilt wizards, Extension Translation framework

  • Volunteers questions regarding the organization of the project

  • Proposal : organize an annual developpers meeting (coding sprint) to push particular aspects of the project (installer, pre-built wizards, Extension translation framework, documentations and starting guides ... )

  • Any point and discussion regarding Extensions project

All the point discussed will be recorded and a synthesis of all discussion will be relayed to involved project (Framework, installer, l10n ...) 

The speaker is technical director of Indesko, Nuxeo division, building solutions for workflows and free ECM integration (like CPS) with for large companies. Involved in the OOo community for many years and author of various well known tools such as DicOOo, FontOOo, OOoWikipedia ..., the speaker is dedicated to macros writing in various language and known as a reference regarding OOo API use. He is also the co-author of the only french book dealing with OOo macros and API. He is now the leader of the Extensions project and Community Contributor Representative at the Community Council.

Back QA Project (bug hunting party)

Joost Andrae - Sun Microsystems GmbH

This session gives information about the QA project and about it's work

After starting at a company where I learned a lot about data processing I worked as Informix 4GL programmer at several companies. After making my degree as a merchant of data processing I went to StarDivision (1995) where I started as QA engineer for Calc and Chart as well as Math and server based products like Sun ONE Webtop. Nowadays I'm working as StarOffice Program Manager within the StarOffice development team in Hamburg. As a co-lead of the QA project I help to coordinate all activities and additionally I test (QA) , upload and announce builds.

Back Marketing Project

John McCreesh - Marketing Project Lead

This session is open to MarCons and other interested and active members of the Marketing Project.

If you are planning to attend, please come prepared to share with others your experience of marketing OOo in the last twelve months. Tell us the things that worked well for you, and the things that did not :-) Please bring along any examples of marketing collateral you have produced (flyers, posters, newspaper / magazine articles...).

Looking at our organisation, there will be a discussion on the most effective way to organise the project going forward. Is our present MarCon based structure the best one? if so, how can we find and empower good MarCons - what support do they need from the wider community? How do MarCons fit in with the work of Native-Language Projects?

On the campaigns side, how well has the 'Why?' campaign worked for you? Please bring your suggestions for more counter-marketing activities like "Get Legal" and "Keep the Car".

If there's time, we'll also have a very quick look at the Marketing Strategy. Is it still valid? In particular, are the target markets still the right ones?


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