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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15

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What developers should do

The development of OpenOffice happens under the roof of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF).

More information can be found here:

For Users:

For questions relating to the use of OpenOffice (the application) write a mail to: A very popular and effective mailing list. This list is in English only (for other languages visit the "Native-Lang"project lists).

Please note that this is not a normal mail address but a mailing list. Please familiarize yourself with the Mailing List Guidelines and the text below if you have not already and do not know what this means.

All our lists are public

They are not private message centers. Messages posted to them are carried by, among others, Gmane and MarkMail. They are public. Therefore, consider carefully what you say: thousands if not millions may read your words and they won't just read them today but also decades from now.

Anyone can post to our most popular lists, but if you are not already subscribed, your message will be moderated. In this way, we limit the amount of spam entering the message lists.

Of the lists to which you might consider subscribing, the most useful are the "dev," "users," and "announce." Both the dev and users lists accept posts; the announce list does not. Its function is to disseminate important information that is of interest to the general community. Individual projects have their own announce and discuss lists, too. As a rule, honor the nature of the list.

If you want to post a message without it being moderated, please subscribe to the relevant mailing list. To subscribe to any list, all you have to do is click on the "Subscribe" links and send on the empty email message that will be automatically generated and addressed. This message is just to let the friendly computer know of your intentions; you will immediately, upon sending this first note, receive a confirmation notice. Follow the instructions and send it back.

Mailing List Guidelines

Please familiarize yourself with the Mailing List Guidelines, if you have not already.

For Developers:

Every developer is invited to join us, old hackers as well as new ones. Please join the OpenOffice mailing list and help us shape the OpenOffice development:

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