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In the last ten days, no single issue has dominated the mailing lists. Rather, there have been a variety of issues. In the "discuss" list, which is the more general-issue mailing list, the community has discussed, among other things, the availability of the software on CD, and user interface modifications. That said, Bill Roth's response to Microsoft's Jim Allchin's foot-in-mouth voicings about how Open Source is not just a "threat to innovation" but "un-American" (!) continues to draw comment in the discuss list. Of the lists more focused on the practical applications of the software, the porting list has been especially popular, with the biggest news having to do with a successful port of the software to NetBSD/sparc. A more formal announcement will appear on this page shortly. As always, for up-to-date information relating to this (and any other) project, it's best to subscribe to the relevant mailing list.

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