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Spotlight 19: On Viewers and Porting

This week we focus first on the Porting project. Work on the Irix and FreeBSD ports of moved significantly forward, and Nick Blievers was able to announce that the team was "getting close to building 641C out of the box!" Around the same time, Tim Tretyak posted a message that the FreeBSD build of 641C was done. And Vicky Chan announced that the build on Tru64 was complete. This news was greeted with delight by several community members; read why. There is more. The Mac OS X effort is gaining momentum--but more on that later.

In the discuss list, the most popular thread concerned the issue of an viewer that would further extend the functionality already present in the suite. Martin Bretschneide initiated the discussion, and the community ran with it, with end-users and developers debating the merits of the idea.

Finally, Marketing Project co-lead Josh Berkus today presented before the community the new numbering proposal. This proposal is important. Please review the proposal and send in your votes to this list by February 8.

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