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Articles and Interviews

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Since the beginning of the project, we have periodically published articles and interviews. If you would like to submit an article, please contact me, Louis Suárez-Potts, editor and principal writer. Besides these articles, I also maintain a blog on issues, including the OpenDocument Format.

We also have blogs and other articles featured on our Newsletter on that complement these articles.


Articles and Interviews
About, by Claudio Filho 2007-05-10
Interview: BharateeyaOO.o's RKVS Raman, by Mayank Sharma 2007-03-03
The New Project Leads: Mathias Bauer , Frank Meies, NAKATA, Maho, Carsten Driesner, Caio Tiago Oliveira de Sousa 2007-01-06
Interview: Michael Bemmer on Mozilla Lightning and 2006-11-01
Article: State of the Project, Year 6 2006-09-30
Interview: Mathias Bauer and Jürgen Schmidt 2006-07-03
Article: Summary of First Meeting, G. Pacheco/R. Salomon 2006-06-11
Interview: Carlos Dantas de Menezes, CoGrOO 2006-05-18
Interview: Jacqueline Rahemipour, German Language Project Lead 2006-03-01
Article: at Year Five 2005-10-13
Interview: On the Summer of Code, Andrzej Wytyczak-Partyka 2005-09-22
Interview: On the Summer of Code, Fintan Fairmichael 2005-09-22
Interview: On the Summer of Code, Daniel Miller 2005-09-22
Interview: On the Summer of Code, Keli Hu 2005-09-22
Interview: On the Summer of Code, Majid Ali Khan 2005-09-22
Interview: On the Summer of Code, Cédric Bosdonnat 2005-09-22
Article: Spring Updates 2005 2005-08-10
Spotlight: Volker Quetschke, Windows Build and ESC member 2005-05-18
Interview: Charles Schulz, Lead Native Language Confederation 2005-05-04
Interview: Website Designers 2005-04-24
Interview: Brendan Whelan, splashscreen 2.0 designer 2005-02-23
Interview: Rhoslyn Prys, Project Lead, Welsh Language Project 2004-12-20
Roundtable: City of Haarlem and 2004-12-11
Alexandro Colorado, ES Project Co-Lead 2004-12-01
Deepankar Datta, P2P Lead 2004-11-28
Peter Naulls, Debian ARM developer 2004-11
Interview: Davide Dozza and Riccardo Losselli, Leads, Italian Language Project 2004-11
Interview: Alberto Escudero, Lead, kLnX: The Open Swahili Localization Project 2004-10
Report: Indic Computing Coordination Meeting 2004-09
Interview: Jitendra Shah, Using to Switch to Unicode 2004-09
Interview: Sophie Gautier, Lead, Francophone Project and member, Community Council 2004-09
Second Open Source Software Africa Conference 2004-09
First Japanese Open Source Conference 2004-09
Spotlight: Akshay Dayal, Website contributor 2004-09
Craig Adams: The Brainshare South Africa Report 2004-06
The Greek Model: Report on the ebusiness FLOSS forum 2004-05
Interview: Aynu Localization Team 2004-05
Linux Asia 2004 Keynote 2004-04
At Future's Gate: The Kansai Open Source and Freeware Conference 2003  2004-01
The SD Forum Event 2003-12
Interview: Joerg Heilig, Former Director, Software Engineering, Sun 2003-11 Year Three 2003-10
Interview: David Wilson, Bibliographic Project  2003-10
Interview: Rolf Meyer, Germanophone Project 2003-10
Interview: Anousak Souphavanh, Lao Language Project 2003-10
OSCON Wrap Up 2003-07, Year Two 2002-10-13
Interview: Danese Cooper, Sun Microsystems 2002-10-13
Interview with Mac OS X Port developers Ed Peterlin and Dan Williams. 2002-06-01
Guest article: James Treleaven on Microsoft's New Strategies.   2002-03-17
Interview: Timon Schroeter, Co-Lead Germanophone Project 2002-02-25
Participating in II: IssueZilla  2001-12-10
Participating in I: Mailing Lists.  2001-11-09
Birthday Story  2001-10-13 and the Promise of Collaboration 2001-10-13
On Builds and Community Participation 2001-10-02
About Marketing in an Open Source Community 2001-09-12
The State of Open Source 2001-09-03 at the O'Reilly Convention 2001-08-22
The New Infrastructure 2001-08-05
Anniversary Report 2001-07-24
The Infrastructure Upgrade, II 2001-07-13
The Infrastructure Upgrade, I 2001-07-02
Interview: Richard M .Stallman 2001-06-08
Whiteboard Projects 2001-05-31
Interview: Kevin Hendricks 2001-05-21
Fear of an Open Source Community 2001-05-11
Interview: Frank Hecker.  Instrumental in moving Mozilla code to an open-source framework, Frank Hecker discusses in this interview the process and logic of the move 2001-04-23
Interview: Guy Capra, of the Francophone Project. More than anyone, Guy Capra has spearheaded the creation of the Native Language Development Project and of his Francophone module. 2001-04-23
What Must Be Done: The Mac OS X Port. A call to arms: Mac users and developers must unite to build the port of 2001-04-12
The International, II.  An analysis of the resolution of the issues surrounding the creation of the Native Language Development project 2001-03-27
The International.  An analysis of the controversy relating the proposals for the Native Language Development project, which is a step beyond mere localization 2001-03-15
Creating the New Open Source.  In which I debate some of Sander Vesik's views on and Open Source 2001-03-09
Interview: Sander Vesik.  Sander Vesik is one of the chief release engineers; he is also forthright and direct in his opinions about Open Source and what needs to be done 2001-03-11
Allchin's Demagoguery, by Bill Roth, guest contributor.  A needed criticism of Microsoft's new slick retreat of hoary anti-American propaganda 2001-02-02
Interview with Wilfredo Sánchez. The former senior engineer of Apple's Darwin project describes his work for Apple and his reasons for his involvement in Open Source 2001-02-15
Organizing Open Source. An analysis of what is entailed by "open sourcing" code. If you are curious about the process of Open Source, start here 2001-02-09
Open Source and Its Culture.  A declaration of areas of interest. Open Source is a large, catch-all term of recent vintage (1998); its community, its culture, its process all need clarification and analysis. This essay sets the terms 2001-02-01
Community Action.   A brief, and somewhat controversial, description of the community of developers in action, with comparisons to the project 2001-01-23
Quo Vadis What are's goals? Its ambitions? Its focus or foci? This essay briefly touches on these and other, related, points 2001-01-16
The 613 build:  problems and opportunities. The 613 build was a bad-luck build. But it also proved to be one of the most popular, as community members rushed to the challenge. This essay explores that history 2001-01-09
Sun's open door. The inaugural essay, a reflection on Sun's ambitious project, 2001-01-03

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