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Samples and Templates - User/Gallery and Clipart

How to install a Gallery Set:

  • On Windows
  • On GNU/Linux or Solaris

  • All files should be unziped into the directory.

    File Listing

    User/Gallery Directory
    File Set Description
    Flow Chart - General[Tar] [Zip] Provides commonly used Flow Chart symbols.
    Clocks - Hour [Zip] 3D Clocks on the Hour
    Clocks - 15 Minute [Zip] 3D Clock 15 minute mark
    Clocks - 30 Minute [Zip] 3D Clock 30 minute mark
    Clocks - 45 Minute [Zip] 3D Clock 45 minute mark
    Christmas Elf [ODG] Christmas decoration used in schools and libraries in Finland coutesy of Lars D. Nood??n
    A Complete Set of Widget Images for Forms and Web Sites [zip] A Complete Set of Widget Images for Forms and Web Sites
    A Tropical Beach [zip] A Tropical Beach
    Beagles [zip] 2 GIF Images of Beagles
    Bullets [zip] 2nd Place in 2006 Template Contest - With alpha transparency and much higher resolution they look really "smooth" compared to the bullets used by now.
    Clipart for Teachers [zip] 3rd Place in 2006 Template Contest - Clipart for Teachers will be quite useful to spice up school materials. They are not styled with sophisticated gradients and 3D-effects, but serve well for that purpose.
    Comquat [odg] Comquat
    Face [zip] Face
    Feijoa [odg] Feijoa
    GuitarClipart [zip] GuitarClipart
    Joel_Kahn [zip] Joel_Kahn
    LOST TV [xcf] LOST TV
    Nectarine [odg] Nectarine
    OOo_Competition [zip 1.3M] Various Original Artwork submitted to the OOo Competition. Includes: 3d Chinese Tea Set, 3d Vase with Flowers, and others.
    Snowman [zip 119K] Snowman
    animals [zip] Various Animal Pictures in GIF and SVG formats.
    cinnamon [odg] cinnamon
    clipart_ap [zip] clipart_ap
    clipart_th [zip 3.2M] 1st Place in 2006 Template Contest - Trevor Hitchings clipart library
    clipartfile [zip 1.4M] clipartfile
    coffeeclipart [jpg] coffeeclipart
    dsc_067 [jpg] Picture of the Sky with Clouds
    dsc_077 [jpg] Picture of a Waterfall
    dsc_099 [jpg] Picture of A Cliff
    dsc_113 [jpg] Picture of the Sun Going Down
    ginger [odg] Graphic of Ginger for pasting in your documents.
    hands [zip 602K] hands
    image001 [emz] image001
    lemon [odg] lemon
    peach [odg] peach
    people [zip 2.7M] people
    rose [zip] rose
    salad [zip] salad
    the panda collection [zip] the panda collection
    vector train small [jpg] vector train small
    vectorpatterns-src [zip 258K] Various Vector SVG patterns

    If you would like to add something, contact Scott Carr.

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