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BitTorrent Links - Magnet & Ed2k Links

About the P2P Project

The P2P project supports peer-to-peer distribution of files.

The P2P distribution is in addition to regular downloads. We aim to use technologies that can include Linux, Windows and Mac OS X downloads.

The major focus of the project is downloading of through the use of BitTorrent and Magnet links. These cover the vast majority of P2P clients. ED2K links have been dropped in favour of magnet links, which are protocol-independent.

Contributing to and the P2P Project

The project is always looking for volunteers to help. There are many different ways that you can help - for more information go to

You can help the P2P project by:

  • Downloading and sharing files available on the P2P project.
  • Helping to extend P2P distribution with new files or new P2P methods.
  • Contributing ideas to allow more efficient distribution.

If you would like to join, please send a note the main distribution project list,, or view the mailing list archives at

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