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Apache OpenOffice 4.1.6 released

System Requirements for 2

Microsoft Windows

Solaris: SPARC platform edition

Solaris: x86 platform edition

GNU/Linux ("Linux")

Mac OS X (X11)


The minimum JDK/JRE version required to use features that require java is JDK/JRE version 1.3.1.

To use the XSLT filters with JDK 1.3.1 you should download the files xalan.jar and xml-apis.jar from Xalan website and crimson.jar from the Crimson website. The files also need to be added to the classpath. This can be accomplished with Tools->options->>Security

For full functionality, jdk/jre 1.4.0_02 or newer or jdk/jre 1.4.1_01 or newer is required

For accessibility

All platforms



Installation of GNOME 2.0

Also see Index of System Requirements for each version

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