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:: com :: sun :: star :: xml :: sax ::

unpublished interface XFastSAXSerializable
Usage Restrictions
not published
serializes a DOM tree by generating FastSAX events.

OOo 3.1

Methods' Summary
fastSerialize serializes an object (e.g. a DOM tree) that represents an XML document by generating fast SAX events.  
Methods' Details
fastSerialize( [in] XFastDocumentHandler  handler,
[in] XFastTokenHandler  tokenHandler,
[in] sequence< ::com::sun::star::beans::StringPair >  namespaces,
[in] sequence< ::beans::Pair< string, long > >  registerNamespaces )
raises( SAXException );

serializes an object (e.g. a DOM tree) that represents an XML document by generating fast SAX events.
Parameter handler
the SAX event handler that should receive the generated events
Parameter tokenHandler
the fast SAX token handler that is used to translate names
Parameter namespaces
a list of namespace declarations that will be added to the root element node of the XML document

This is necessary mostly because the DOM implementation does not permit attaching namespaces declarations directly to nodes, which may lead to duplicate namespace declarations on export, and thus larger documents. Note that the first part of each tuple is the prefix, e.g. "office", and the second is the numeric namespace identifier.

Parameter registerNamespaces
a list of namespace url / namespace token pairs. you need to register all namespace in order to have them recognized during export. Namespace tokens must be greater than FastToken::NAMESPACE.

com::sun::star::xml::sax::SAXException if serializing the XML document fails
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