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unpublished interface XXMLEncryptionTemplate
Base Interfaces

(referenced interface's summary:)
* Interface of the XML security template * *
Usage Restrictions
not published
* Interface of XML encryption template * *

This interface represents a encryption template, which is the same as the * desired xml encryption element[ EncryptedType ] but some of the nodes may be * empty. The empty entities include CipherValue, which is a subset of * EncryptedData or EncryptedKey. Empty entities are not allowed in a encryption * template when performing decryption.

* *

In some cases, the encrypter or decrypter can dertermine and locate the * EncrytedKey from the encryption template by dereference the RetrievalMethod * inside EncryptedData.

* *

In some cases, the EncryptedKey need to be clearly pointed out by the * encryption template.

* *

With the help of encryption context, the encrypter or decrypter specifies * the key from the KeyInfo in the encryption template.

* * *

It isn't a good method to set the EncryptedKey here. In general, there is * a RetrievalMethod in EncryptedData by which we can get the EncryptedKey. * * And some times, in the low level, it is hard to determine what the key is * except that the high level application tell the mechanism and parameters. * * So I think it will be more simple that the application set the encrypted key * information. In this case, the application only need to know the xml schema * or DTD and the encryption device. If so, the high level application takes the * action of build the EncryptedKey template and references it in the element of * EncryptedData. And in this case, the calling to set up EncryptedKey template * and target is not necessary, because the encrypter or decrypter can determine * and locate the EncrypedKet from the encryption template of EncryptedData by * dereference the RetrievalMethod. * * In some situation, the high level applications do not want to know anything * about crypto devices( May be he must, because the lower level do not know * what the key is ). If it gives the key value, it can get EncryptedKey by * setting the key template and key value target.

Methods' Summary
getTarget * Get the target xml element, i.e. the element to be encrypted  
Methods' Details

* Get the target xml element, i.e. the element to be encrypted
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