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interface XRecycler
Allows an XContent to delete itself into the trash can.

This is an additional interface the XContent representing the trash can (URL: "vnd.sun.staroffice.trashcan:///") should support.

Methods' Summary
trashContent Notify the trash can that an XContent is deleting itself into it.  
Methods' Details
trashContent( [in] XCommandProcessor  Properties,
[in] XContentIdentifier  Identifier );

Notify the trash can that an XContent is deleting itself into it.
Parameter Properties
The trash can uses this interface to access the properties of the content being deleted, to copy them for later display etc. The trash can will not use the interface after it has returned from this method.
Parameter Identifier
When the deleted content is later restored or ultimately deleted, the trash can will use this identifier to query an XContent that it will send the undelete or delete command to.
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