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interface XCachedDynamicResultSetFactory
creates a CachedDynamicResultSet.

Pay attention to instanciate this helper on clientside where your want to read the data respectively where you have instantiated the listener to the XDynamicResultSet.

The needed stub on server side can be created using XCachedDynamicResultSetStubFactory.

Methods' Summary
createCachedDynamicResultSet creates a remote optimizes XDynamicResultSet.  
Methods' Details
createCachedDynamicResultSet( [in] XDynamicResultSet  SourceStub,
[in] XContentIdentifierMapping  ContentIdentifierMapping );

creates a remote optimizes XDynamicResultSet.
Parameter SourceStub
must be an instance of service CachedDynamicResultSetStub. It can be NULL. In this case you can use the interface XSourceInitialization of the returned CachedDynamicResultSet to set the stub later.
Parameter ContentIdentifierMapping
is not required, but can be set if it is necessary to change the identity of the contents accessable via the interface XContentAccess of the ContentResultSet (e.g., if merging two sources of the same type).
an instance of service CachedDynamicResultSet.
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