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unpublished service TransientDocumentsContentProvider
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The Transient Documents Content Provider (TDCP) implements a ContentProvider for the UniversalContentBroker (UCB).

It provides access to the hierachical structure of the documents that are active in a running process. As long as a document was not closed, the TDCP can access it. All documents that have been loaded - regardless of their persistent document format (sxw, doc, sxc, xls, ...) or that have been created but not yet saved to any storage medium, are supported. The TDCP is not able to load any documents itself. This is exclusively done by the document handling framework. The document contents provided by the TDCP represent live data, which may differ from any persistent representation of the document, for instance, because the user modified the document after loading, but did not yet save it.

OOo 2.0
See also
TransientDocumentsRootContent, TransientDocumentsDocumentContent, TransientDocumentsFolderContent, TransientDocumentsStreamContent

Exported Interfaces - Summary

provides four different types of contents: Stream, Folder, Document and Root. (details)

Exported Interfaces - Details
provides four different types of contents: Stream, Folder, Document and Root.

TDCP Contents

  1. A TDCP Stream (TransientDocumentsStreamContent) is a content which represents a data stream of an Office document. It is contained in a TDCP Folder or TDCP Document. A TDCP Stream has no children.
  2. A TDCP Folder (TransientDocumentsFolderContent) is a container for other TDCP Folders and TDCP Streams. It may be contained in another TDCP Folder or in a TDCP Document.
  3. A TDCP Document (TransientDocumentsDocumentContent) represents the root folder of a transient document. It is a container for other TDCP Folders and TDCP Streams. It is always a child of the TDCP Root.
  4. There is at most one instance of a TDCP Root (TransientDocumentsRootContent) at a time. All other TDCP contents are children of this folder. The TDCP Root Folder can contain only TDCP Documents. It has the fixed URL "".

URL Scheme for TDCP Contents

Each TDCP content has an identifier corresponding to the following scheme:

  • tdcp-URL = "" abs-path
  • abs-path = +( "/" segment )
  • segment = *( pchar )
  • pchar = unreserved | escaped | ":" | "@" | "&" | "=" | "+" | "$" | ","
  • unreserved = alphanum | mark
  • mark = "-" | "_" | "." | "!" | "~" | "*" | "'" | "(" | ")"
  • escaped = "%" hex hex


  • ( The TDCP Root )
  • ( The document with the id 22 )
  • ( The document with the id 22 )
  • ( The folder/stream named subfolder contained in folder named folder, which is contained in the document with the id 42 )

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