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:: com :: sun :: star :: text ::

interface XTextContent
Base Interfaces
┗ ::com::sun::star::lang::XComponent

(referenced interface's summary:)
allows to exclicitly free resources and break cyclic references.
enables objects to be inserted into a text and to provide their location in a text once they are inserted into it.
Developers Guide
Text - Navigating - Locating Text Contents

Methods' Summary
attach is called when this object gets embedded in a text.  
Methods' Details
attach( [in] XTextRange  xTextRange )
raises( ::com::sun::star::lang::IllegalArgumentException );

is called when this object gets embedded in a text.

This acts like a multi-phase construction, thus the object may be invalid until it is attached to a text position. In general, this method is called from within .

Both text objects and text content objects may only be connected to each other if they are created by the same component. When implementing new components, this behaviour is deprecated.


the text range to which the content is attached.

Note: The anchor of the actual implementation for text tables does not have a position in the text. Thus that anchor can not be used for some operation like attach for example or insertTextContent or other function that require the object to have a position in the text.

The reason why a text table still needs an anchor is that for example tables should be insertable via insertTextContent and that interface uses a parameter of that type.

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