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unpublished service DatabaseInteractionHandler
Supported Interface
Usage Restrictions
not published
describes a service which is able to handle database-related interactions.

Usually, you will not instantiate this service directly. Instead, you'll instantiate a generic ::com::sun::star::task::InteractionHandler service, and pass it your request. Based on configuration data, this implementation will decide where to forward the request to.

By default, the DatabaseInteractionHandler feels responsible (as per configuration) for the following interaction types:

  • database related errors
    The general structure to transport such errors is the ::com::sun::star::sdbc::SQLException, and if your interaction request supplies such a SQLException (or an instance of any derived class), the handler will display a generic error dialog, which is able to travel the object chain which may be contained in the exception.
  • parameter requests
    If your interaction request supplies an ParametersRequest, the handler will open a standard dialog asking the user to fill in parameter values.
    In the case you want to use this feature of the handler, you should supply a special continuation (XInteractionSupplyParameters) as well, so the handler can return the entered information.

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