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:: com :: sun :: star :: script ::

module browse

BrowseNode This service provides access to the Macros and Macro containers via the XBrowseNode interface. XInvocation is an optional interface that is used to execute macros, or to create/delete/rename macros or macro containers.
BrowseNodeFactory This service is used to create Root XBrowseNodes.
theBrowseNodeFactory The one and only BrowseNodeFactory. To get the singleton call getValueByName on the component context
XBrowseNode This interface represents a node in the hierarchy used to browse available scripts. Objects implementing this interface are expected to also implement and, optionally, (see the Developers' Guide for more details).
XBrowseNodeFactory This interface provides a factory for obtaining objects implmenting the XBrowseNode interface.
Constant Groups
BrowseNodeFactoryViewTypes These constants define the three different types of views available from BrowseNodeFactory.
BrowseNodeTypes These constants define the three different types of nodes in the BrowseNode hierarchy.
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