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service StringResourceWithLocation
Supported Interface
specifies a service providing access to a resource string table implementing the XStringResourceWithLocation interface.

Constructors' Summary
create is used to initialize the object on its creation.  
Constructors' Details
create( [in] string  URL,
[in] boolean  ReadOnly,
[in] ::com::sun::star::lang::Locale  locale,
[in] string  BaseName,
[in] string  Comment,
[in] ::com::sun::star::task::XInteractionHandler  Handler )
raises( ::com::sun::star::lang::IllegalArgumentException );

is used to initialize the object on its creation.
Parameter URL
Specifies the location used to load and store - if the ReadOnly state allows it - the string table data.
Parameter ReadOnly
Specifies if the resource should be read only, see XStringResourceManager::isReadOnly
Parameter locale
Specifies if the locale first to be used as current locale. Internally the XStringResourceManager::setCurrentLocale method is called with FindClosestMatch=true. see XStringResourceManager::setCurrentLocale
Parameter BaseName
Base string for the file names used to store the locale data. The locale data is stored in Java properties files also following the corresponding naming sceme. The files will be named like this: "[BaseName]_[Language]_[Country].properties", e.g. "" If an empty string is passed for BaseName, "strings" will be used as BaseName.
Parameter Comment
Comment stored first in each properties file followed by a line feed character. The line feed character is added automatically and hasn't to be part of the comment string. The caller is re- sponsible that the passed string is a valid comment in a Java properties file, e.g. "# My strings". The string may be empty.
Parameter Handler
a ::com::sun::star::task::XInteractionHandler to be passed to ucb. This may be a null interface.
::com::sun::star::lang::IllegalArgumentException if no string or an empty string is passed as URL

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