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unpublished singleton OfficeResourceLoader
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not published
describes a XResourceBundleLoader which provides access to the resource files.

An installation comes with a number of resource files in an proprietary format, located insisde the installation's program/resource directory. The ::OfficeResoureLoader singleton (available at a component context as value with the key /singletons/, provides access to some types of resources within those files.

Clients have to specifiy the resource file base name in the call to XResourceBundleLoader::loadBundle resp. XResourceBundleLoader::loadBundle_Default method. The loader will extent this base name so that the resulting name conforms to the resource file naming conventions, and look up the respective resource file, for the requested locale, in's installation.

The lookup process uses the fallback mechanism as described at the XResourceBundle interface, except that Locale.getDefault() is not used.

Resource keys, as passed to the XResourceBundle::getDirectElement or ::com::sun::star::container::XNameAccess::getByName, have the following format: <resource_type>:<numeric_identifier>, where <resource_type> specifies the type of the requested resource (see below) and <numeric_identifier> is the numeric identifier of the resource.

The following resource types are currently supported:

  • string: denotes a string resource

Since the numeric resource identifiers are highly build-dependent (e.g. can change with any next build), you are strongly discouraged from using the ::OfficeResoureLoader service in a component which targets more than one particular build.

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