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interface XThesaurus
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Offers information about which languages are supported by the object.
allows for the retrieval of possible meanings for a given word and language.

The meaning of a word is in essence a descriptive text for that word. Each meaning may have several synonyms where a synonym is a word (or small text) with the same or similar meaning.

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Methods' Details
sequence< XMeaning >
queryMeanings( [in] string  aTerm,
[in] ::com::sun::star::lang::Locale  aLocale,
[in] ::com::sun::star::beans::PropertyValues  aProperties )
raises( ::com::sun::star::lang::IllegalArgumentException );

a list of meanings for the given word and language.
Parameter aTerm
the word to query for its meanings.
Parameter aLocale
specifies the language of the word.

If the language is not supported, an ::com::sun::star::lang::IllegalArgumentException exception is raised.

Parameter aProperties
provides property values to be used for this function call only. It is usually empty in order to use the default values supplied with the property set.
See also
::com::sun::star::lang::Locale, XMeaning
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