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interface XExtendedCalendar
Base Interfaces

(referenced interface's summary:)
Access to locale specific calendar systems.
This interface provides access to locale specific calendar systems.

It is derived from XCalendar and provides additional functionality to display parts of the date currently set at the calendar.

OOo 1.1.2
Developers Guide
OfficeDev - Overview and Using the API - XExtendedCalendar

Methods' Summary
getDisplayString Returns a string (number or name to display) matching the given code constant.  
Methods' Details
getDisplayString( [in] long  nCalendarDisplayCode,
[in] short  nNativeNumberMode );

Returns a string (number or name to display) matching the given code constant.

Note that the string returned depends completely on the locale's calendar. It is not predictable if the string will be numeric or a name, or if in case it retuns a numeric string how many digits that will have. For example, a short year display string will normally be two digits with a Gregorian calendar, but with a Jewish calendar it will have three digits.

Parameter nCalendarDisplayCode
One of CalendarDisplayCode
Parameter nNativeNumberMode
One of NativeNumberMode.
This argument designates the basic transliteration mode as if specified for the year representation. However, depending on the locale, different conversions for year and month, for example, may be chosen internally. This is beyond the user's control and depends on locale specific conventions of how a date is assembled.
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