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:: com :: sun :: star :: drawing ::

unpublished interface XDrawSubController
Base Interfaces
┣ ::com::sun::star::view::XSelectionSupplier
┗ ::com::sun::star::beans::XFastPropertySet

(referenced interface's summary:)
is implemented by views that display DrawPages or MasterPages.
(referenced interface's summary:)
makes it possible to access and change the selection in a view.
This narrow interface is used to pass property values to and from the sub controller. Property change listeners are handled by the controller.
Usage Restrictions
not published
View dependent part of the Draw and Impress controller.

During the lifetime of an Impress application the DrawingDocumentDrawView changes its sub controllers whenever the view in the center pane is replaced by another one. The sub controller handles the things that are not common to all views, i.e. properties, the current page/slide, and the selection.

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