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module deployment

Nested Modules
PackageRegistryBackend The PackageRegistryBackend service is used to bind a specific type of XPackage which can be registered or revoked.
UpdateInformationProvider Implementations of this service provide access to the root element of one or more update information files for a given sets of URLs.
ExtensionManager the ExtensionManager service. The component context entry is /singletons/ .
PackageInformationProvider Implementations of this service provide the root location of a package for a given Package ID.
thePackageManagerFactory [ DEPRECATED ]
thePackageManagerFactory denotes the one and only XPackageManagerFactory object to be used.
XExtensionManager The XExtensionManager interface is used to manage extensions in the user, shared and bundled repository.
XPackage Objects of this interface reflect a bound package and are issued by a PackageRegistryBackend.
XPackageInformationProvider Objects implementing this interface provide an URL to the root of an installed package.
XPackageManager [ DEPRECATED ]
The XPackageManager interface is used to add or remove packages to a specific repository. This interface represents a particular repository. Packages are deployable files, e.g. scripts or UNO components.
XPackageManagerFactory [ DEPRECATED ]
The XPackageManagerFactory interface is used to obtain XPackageManager instances.
XPackageRegistry Interface to bind an UNO package.
XPackageTypeInfo Objects of this interface provide information about a package's type.
XUpdateInformationProvider Objects implementing this interface provide access to the xml root of one or more update information files for a given set of URLs.
UpdateInformationEntry Objects of this type are used as elements of the enumeration returned by XUpdateInformationProvider.
DependencyException describes unsatisfied dependencies a deployment unit has on its target environment.
DeploymentException A DeploymentException reflects a deployment error.
ExtensionRemovedException indicates that a function call with the given arguments is not supported because the extension was removed. XPackage::isRemoved will return true on that object.
InstallException describes the fact that deployment unit is about to be installed.
InvalidRemovedParameterException indicates that XPackageRegistry::bindPackage was previously called with a different value for the removed parameter and that the XPackage object created by that call still exist.
LicenseException A LicenseException reflects the necessity of someone aggreeing to a license.
PlatformException A DeploymentException indicates that the current platform is not supported.
VersionException describes version clashes of a deployment unit.
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