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module connection
Data exchange interfaces for inter-process communication.

Acceptor allows to accept connection attempts from another process.
Connector allows to establish a connection to another process.
XAcceptor allows to passively accept connection attempts from other processes.
XConnection A bidirectional bytestream.
XConnection2 XConnection2 extends the XConnection interface with available and readSomeBytes
XConnectionBroadcaster allows to add listeners to a connection.
XConnector allows to actively establish an interprocess connection.
SocketPermission This permission represents access to a network via sockets. A SocketPermission consists of a host specification and a set of actions specifying ways to connect to that host. The host is specified as
AlreadyAcceptingException Is thrown, when there is another thread already accepting on this instance.
ConnectionSetupException Is thrown, when it is not possible to accept on a local resource.
NoConnectException Is thrown in case no one is accepting on the specified resource.
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