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interface XMessageBoxFactory
specifies a factory interface for creating message boxes.

Methods' Summary
createMessageBox creates a message box.  
Methods' Details
createMessageBox( [in] XWindowPeer  aParent,
[in] MessageBoxType  eType,
[in] long  nButtons,
[in] string  sTitle,
[in] string  sMessage );

creates a message box.
the created message box or a null reference if it cannot be created.
Parameter aParent
a valid XWindowPeer reference which is used as a parent.

This parameter must not be null.

Parameter aType
the message box type.
Parameter aButtons
specifies which buttons should be available on the message box.

A combination of MessageBoxButtons.

A MessageBoxType::INFOBOX ignores this paramter, instead it uses a MessageBoxButtons::BUTTONS_OK.

Parameter aTitle
specifies the title of the message box.
Parameter aMessage
specifies text which will be shown by the message box. Line-breaks must be added using 'CR' or 'CR+LF'.
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