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module auth
security and authenticates interfaces

SSOManagerFactory represents a starting point for Single Signon interactions.
SSOPasswordCache provided as a convenience for simple username/password based Single Signon implementations which don't provide some sort of authentication information repository.
XSSOAcceptorContext represents an acceptor side security context.
XSSOContext Base SSO security context representation
XSSOInitiatorContext represents an initiator side security context.
XSSOManager supports the creation of security contexts for both the initiator/source side and the acceptor/target side.
XSSOManagerFactory Factory for creating an SSO Manager supporting the user's configured security mechanism
XSSOPasswordCache supports password caching for security mechanisms which use passwords as credentials or as an input to credential creation but don't have an external method to cache these passwords.
AuthenticationFailedException indicates failure to authenticate using the specified security context.
InvalidArgumentException indicates an invalid argument was passed to SSO API.
InvalidContextException indicates an attempt was made to use an invalid source or target context.
InvalidCredentialException indicates an attempt was made to use an invalid or non existent credential.
InvalidPrincipalException indicates an invalid principal was specified.
PersistenceFailureException indicates an underlying persistence implementation failure.
UnsupportedException indicates an operation unsupported by the implementation.
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