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unpublished interface XTargetPropertiesCreator
Usage Restrictions
not published
Factory interface to generate properties for all animated targets.

Depending on mode and content of a SMIL animation tree, animation targets can have global properties different from the target's default. The most prominent example for such a difference is shape visibility: when a shape is to become visible in the course of a SMIL animation, it naturally has to be initially invisible for that effect to have any visible impact.

This factory interface is able to generate sequences of global properties for all targets referenced in a given SMIL animation tree.

Methods' Summary
createInitialTargetProperties Determine a sequence of global target properties. 
Methods' Details
sequence< TargetProperties >
createInitialTargetProperties( [in] XAnimationNode  rootNode );

Determine a sequence of global target properties.

This method generates a sequence of TargetProperties in effect before the given SMIL animations start. These properties should be applied to the given animation targets, to achieve correct playback of the SMIL animations.

Parameter rootNode
Root node of the SMIL animation tree.
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