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Burmese မြန်မာ

We need your help to complete the translation of Apache OpenOffice 4.0 into Burmese!

This note is in English because we have no one to translate it into your language. The links on the page will help you download and install a very old version of our It is missing many bug fixes, performance enhancements and even new features that are in Apache OpenOffice 4.0.

We would be happy to make Apache OpenOffice 4.0 available in Burmese, but we need help completing the translation of the user interface.

If you are interested in helping translate, please review this information. You can send a note to our mailing list,, if you want to volunteer or if you have questions.

Welcome to the OpenOffice Burmese Language Project

We have now prepared a test build of the Burmese Language We welcome testers to use it. We would like to receive comments and feedback from users, before getting the Burmese Language patch & locale accepted into the official version. Please subscribe and send your comments, bug reports and language feature requests to dev @ The builds are licensed under GNU LGPL v.2.1.

The font for the menus and dialogs is set in Windows by right clicking on the Desktop, choose Properties, Appearance, Advanced and set the Menu and Message Box font to a Myanmar Unicode font conformant to Unicode 5.1 (Padauk, Myanmar3, Parabaik, etc).

Unicode 5.1 compliant Burmese Language Input myWin2.2 is available now.

For more details about configuring Burmese OpenOffice please see Readme for OOo-my.

Please help us with translation at OO Burmese Translation.

The Burmese Language version of and Language Patch can be downloaded at: (All the builds need JRE to be installed at your computer).

The OpenOffice 3.1 development builds have support for Myanmar dictionary based line breaking and can have a Burmese spell checker dictionary extension installed. After installing the main, download my-MMDict.oxt to enable the dictionary (Use Tools->Extension Manager->Add if it doesn't install automatically).

We will prepare JRE embeded builds later on. We will also add more mirror sites.


For those inside Myanmar, please choose the follow mirror site (the same md5sum with above): (Credited to Alpha Computer Mandalay for providing Local mirror sites:)


Currently the only builds are for Ubuntu. You should be able to install it alongside the normal OpenOffice. You may need to create a shortcut manually to /opt/openoffice.org3/program/soffice

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