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Lista di post

E pagina aki ta kontene informashon tokante e lista di post pa e lengua papiamento den

Kon e ta funshoná?

If you send an e-mail to the mailing list, it will be sent onto all the subscribers of that mailing list. Of course, you should subscribe to the list yourself, so that you will receive the reactions to your question yourself. You can arrange this using the links in the box below.

Pa kiko e lista di post ta?

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Aki ta e lugá pa diskutí riba den e lang/pap sub projekto.





Más téps riba e uso di lista di post.

Please subscribe to the mailing list before sending emails to it.

Write separate emails if you have multiple, unrelated questions. Clearly describe the subject of your post in the "Subject" field of your email program.

The mailing list is "retro moderated". That means that everyone subscribed to the mailinglist, directly receives the emails addressed to it, without being filtered by a moderator. Follow the Netiquette for discussion lists.

You can retain overview of the emails from different mailing lists by setting mail filters. This is supported by the mostly used email programs.


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