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My overall title is Community Development Manager, which is shortened to "Community Manager." It's a term that includes strategy planning, project management, political and technical coordination, business development, and marketing. Plus a lot of other stuff too tedious to bear mention. Periodically, I write articles on open source and, and I present on and open source at major conferences. Previously, I was employed by Sun Microsystems and then Oracle.

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In addition to my work on, I also consult on setting up open-source and other collaborative communities and on strategizing open-source projects. Meanwhile, I continue, on my own time, to write and present articles and papers on US culture from the Postbellum period through the present (I received a PhD in English from U.C. Berkeley), though recently I've been broadening the scope of my analyses to include the problematics of "infonomics," or the political economy of information. Some of my publications and conference papers can be found on my more or less defunct homepage. One of my blogs touches on and open source; another on cultural criticism. A third is on WordPress, and works through the news. All of my blogs and public comments represent my own views and not any prior or current employer's. I welcome comments, critique, even support, and encourage all to contribute to the community.

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