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Liste des Hôpitaux (Hospitals) utilisant SO/OOo


Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace (300 seats/postes)
Centre Hospitalier de Roubaix (1000 seats/postes) http://www.ch-roubaix.fr
Centre Hospitalier de Bourg En Bresse (100 seats/postes)
Centre Hospitalier Charles Perrens (450 seats/postes)
Centre Hospitalier de Pontoise (20 seats (1000 postes à venir)) http://www.ch-pontoise.fr
Centre Hospitalier Philippe Pinel (400 seats/postes)
Centre Hospitalier Avranches/Granville (400 seats/postes)
CHU de Besançon (450 seats/postes)
Centre Hospitalier Henry Ey (300 seats/postes)

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This fr project is also led and maintained with pride too by Sophie Gautier.

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